The Comfort Bone

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Why the Comfort Bone™
The Comfort Bone™ helps your dog avoid boredom and stress, provides an outlet for mental and physical energy, and aids in keeping their gums and teeth healthy.  Learning to self pacify is a vital skill for all dogs, and pet parent approved projects are essential for them to succeed.  Help your stay dog calm and focused by giving them a project –  give them The Comfort Bone™.

How to use?
The Comfort Bone™ is super simple. Just fill the ends of The Bone™ with soft, healthy food that your dog likes and voila!  Due to its unique size and shape, The Bone is perfect for puppies and adult dogs, and can help your dog learn to settle in a comfy spot, or be useful in more active play sessions.

How to Clean
Clean in warm water prior to refilling.  Dishwasher safe, top rack.  

Freeze the bone, fill both ends with different healthy treats, place kibble in center in between healthy treats.  

Warning Text
Always supervise your pet while playing with any toy, including The Comfort Bone, and inspect for damage.  Remove toy if damaged.

The Comfort Bone™ is best served for pups 25 lbs. and under.

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6 reviews for The Comfort Bone

  1. Andrew D. (verified owner)

    Puppy loves it – great food stuffable. Distracts him for long periods of time.

  2. KSM (verified owner)

    What a great toy! I worry about my pup getting her tounge stuck in similar toys but this allows her to enjoy a food dispensing you safely! Great treat for pups!

  3. Michael E.

    My beagle-bulldog mix loves the comfort bone. It settles her down and occupies her until the food inside is gone. And she hasn’t destroyed it like other toys. It’s a great treat that she looks forward to.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    3 month old puppy is absolutely obsessed!

  5. Cooper the Doodle

    My doodle loves his new comfort bone! I might like it better than a kong too since I can see if there are treats left inside.

  6. Irene L. (verified owner)

    This toy is great but a little too big and heavy for my 5lb yorkie. I cut the bone in half (it cut easily and smoothly and is in tact on both sides) but she still struggles to get the food out of the middle. Notwithstanding the challenge, she does play with the bone and it does keep her entertained for some time.

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